Should we play FPS games with a game controller?

Most gamers love First-Person shooter games, the most popular genre of game for PCs as well as smartphones. Those who have the experience of playing third-person shooting or first-person shooting on the computer do not like the mobile shooting experience. This is the reason that people prefer playing mobile FPS games on the emulator. With the mouse and keyboard, the accuracy is a lot more. It includes games like Counter-Strike and Fortnite.

But when it comes to playing the game with a controller, things are a bit different. Whether you want to play the game on a computer or mobile but the eagerness to use a game controller like a real gamer comes to the mind of all the players. We already know that controllers are great for playing racing games, or any other game but shooting games are a bit different. If you have the PUBG PC, or XBOX One then the controller can work well but with the emulator or on the mobile phone we highly recommend that you don’t use it.

You will struggle with your aim because of the controller as it is much easier with the mouse. While playing on the phone, use the touch, and while playing on the emulator use mouse and keyboard. Game controllers are great for other games but when it comes to TPS and FPS, nothing beats the accuracy of the Keyboard and Mouse combination. So, we recommend the controller only with PUBG PC and PUBG for XBOX One because the game has been developed with the controller support unlike forcing the game to get the controller support in the other variants.

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  1. there are many controllers but there is only one controller as far as I am concerned. If you use the Microsoft Elite Series, 2 controllers, for more than ten minutes, you’ll understand why this is the best controller ever. Everything about the Series 2 screams luxury. The near-endless customization options give you an unparalleled level of control (pun intended) over your gameplay. Being able to tweak all aspects of the controller, like d-pads, shift paddles, and joystick tension is an absolute godsend.

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