Did you know that you can chat on WhatsApp even after getting blocked?

Whether the other applications are there on your phone or not, but WhatsApp has become an essential part of it. We use it to instantly get connected and remain in touch with the people in our lives. Many times something happens that makes the other person block you, and till now you had no option but had to wait for the person to unblock you to have a conversation with them. But did you know that even after getting blocked there is a way to chat with that person?

There is no way to get unblocked by yourself, this is just a way to chat with that person while remaining blocked. The urge to talk to the person to explain things and make everything clear makes you try anything to get that one chance to talk to them. Firstly, how do you know that someone has blocked you on social messenger? You cannot see the profile picture, about, online status of the user and can neither find them in your contact list.

Now let us see the steps to chat with the account that has blocked you.

Now let us see the steps to chat with the account that has blocked you.

There are three people in this story;

A, you

B, the person who blocked you

C, a mutual friend preferably

• Create a WhatsApp group

• While creating a group you need to add an account, so add C (as you cannot add the blocked account)

• Now go to Group info, and make C the admin of the group

• Now ask C to add B to the group

• Voila! Your friend B is here ready to get an explanation for the wrongdoings of A, that is you.

Now either start chatting in the group with B and C, or ask C to just leave the group so that you can have a private conversation with B.

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