Do you install a lot of apps? Well, this one app is a must for you then

There are people who like to check out the different applications that get launched on a daily basis, and even the apps they find interesting. The games are also tested by installing and reviewing but one thing that we forget is to uninstall the apps that we do not use or are irrelevant. That is the time when it becomes a mess, you have already installed a number of applications and you have to get rid of them one by one. It is quite frustrating to check the apps that have to be uninstalled, and then uninstall them one by one following the same steps.

Doing the steps is quite boring, tiring, and eats your time for nothing. Well, we have a solution that will save you a lot of time and you will not have to do the same steps for uninstalling each of the apps. The app that we are talking about is UnApp — Easy Uninstall Multiple Apps, the tagline of the app clears out the purpose of the application. The app is 1.4 MB in size, has been rated 4.4, and can be used for uninstalling multiple apps from the phone at once. You just have to select the apps that you want to uninstall, and then tap uninstall; the process is way quicker than uninstalling them one by one.

There is no root access needed for the app to function until you want to uninstall the system apps. The system apps can be hidden in the setting of the app, and the apps that have to be uninstalled can be searched from the search bar. If you want to sort the apps by name, or size of the app in ascending or descending order then it is quite easy to do it in the application. The premium version gives a dark AMOLED theme, for everything else the free version is enough.

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