Dvorak Layout Makes Us Type Faster With More Accuracy, Then Why Is ‘QWERTY’ Used Everywhere?

The modern age of typing came with the invention of typewriters, but initially, the buttons of the typewriter were arranged in an alphabetical manner. But there was a problem with the typewriters that when typing fast the typebars used to get stuck and jammed as all of it had to hit at the same place. Then the person typing had to unjam it, and that was really tiring. The typewriter got the QWERTY layout in the year 1867 by Christopher Latham Sholes just to get rid of that problem. In this layout, the most commonly used characters were placed far from each other, which lessened the jams and increased the typing speed.

Also, the shift key was introduced later into the typewriters to increase the number of symbols, and bring both the alphabetical cases. Then the Dvorak layout was introduced in the year 1936 by Auguste Dvorak and obviously, he named it after himself. Dvorak minimized the errors and the unnecessary finger movements that led them to type 74 percent faster and is 68% more accurate. With an average of 52 hours of training, the typists gained this speed, and that is why it is still debated that why is Dvorak not the preferred one. Well, the reason is not that reasonable but it is just because QWERTY was already a lot popular.

Everyone was used to typing with the QWERTY layout, and that made Dvorak fall behind. But still, some people prefer using it as it is quite easy to take out and replace the keys and then change it to the Dvorak layout in the keyboard settings. The option of changing the layout to Dvorak comes in all of the operating systems except for iOS. But most of the games and software are built for the QWERTY layout and that can create some problems. Even if you are used to the QWERTY layout, you should give a try to Dvorak and let us know in the comments section about the experience.

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