You Can Search On Google Using ‘Your Handwriting’ With This Simple Method

Everyone uses Google as it is the most powerful search engine for a long time, and the company keeps coming up with a lot of features that make the search experience better and easy. We already know about the voice search and the gesture support that comes up with the Gboard – the Google Keyboard which can be used to type with the gestures. But many of the users do not about the hidden feature of Google Search with which you can use your handwriting to type the words that you want to search. The method is really easy and does not need any kind of extra application or features on the smartphone.

The feature is there for a long time, but not many of us know about it. Google Handwriting allows you to write out what you are searching for rather than typing with the keyboard. The coolest thing about the search is that it is really responsive and you can write anywhere on the screen. In the Gboard you have written it at a particular space but here the whole screen is yours and you can do the gesturing anywhere you want. But this feature comes disabled so you need to enable it first to use it, and for that, you need to follow these steps.

Open your browser in the smartphone, and go to the Google Homepage, then tap in Setting > Search Setting > Enable the Handwrite mode. That’s it, you can now search for anything on the internet with a few gestures. Below the page, you can see the space button and backspace to use while writing the words. You can even write the letter above each other, and it will break it up into the characters. To disable you can go to the same setting, and to turn it off at that particular moment you can tap on the G icon at the lower left side of the screen. If you haven’t tried it yet, then give it a go and let us know in the comments section below that whether you are going to use it or not.

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