Slow phone? Here is what you need to do instead of just clearing cache

What is more frustrating than buying a phone with great specifications, and then seeing it hang after some use? Well, nowadays phones that are coming up are efficient enough and do not hang even after some hefty use but there are still a few phones in the market or at your home that hang after some use and that is really frustrating. There are ways that you already know like clearing the cache of the applications or clearing the data but these are just the basic methods that everyone is aware of. These actions do fasten up the speed of the phone, but not up to the level where there is no lag at all. Every phone works smoothly when we buy it, but with time it starts getting slower.

So, do clear the cache of all the applications from the storage as it is the most basic method to start speeding up the process. The other thing that will make your phone run faster is disabling the animations of the phone. The fluid feel of the phone comes with those transitions but eats up a lot of memory too, and all we need is to give the memory some space to work well. To do that go to settings, then about the phone, tap the build number seven times to bring the developer options. In the developer, options tap window animation scale and change it to animation off.

Do the same with the transition animation scale, animator duration scale and that is all. After finishing the steps, you will get no transitions but the hanging problem would be a lot less with it turned off. Another thing that you need to do is to uninstall the apps that are of no use to you, and also disable the bloat-wares that are the pre-installed apps so that it doesn’t eat up the RAM in the background. Also, on the home screen of the phone keep as few apps and widgets as possible. These are the few steps that would fasten up the speed of your phone.

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