You see ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ on Google Search every day, but do you ever use it?

The homepage of Google Search is one of the cleanest websites with no advertisements or extra things that eat up the screen space. The company has only kept the things that are the most important, and that is how you know that if “I’m feeling lucky”wasn’t important then it would not have been there. It appears next to the Google Search button but it is something that we never see, or maybe we are so much used to seeing that button that it doesn’t even come to our mind to check it out. The button has been there since 1998 when Google was founded, and it has been there throughout the years.

Most people think that it is just a useless thing that Google is offering, but what they don’t know is that it can be a lot useful for you. Pressing enter gets you to the Google results page directly, so that is another reason for overlooking the button residing next to it. Now let us come to the use of that button as from the phrase it is quite unclear that what it actually offers. If you write nothing and click on the button then you will be taken to the Google Doodles page where you can see all of the doodles that Google has ever come up with. So, the next time when you have to check out the different doodles without searching for anything, you know where to click.

When you type something, and then click on the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button then it will directly open the first ranked page for the phrase, and most of the time that is helpful. It saves a few clicks and a few seconds of yours, and this also feels a bit technically advanced feature. If you have to check out the different results then this isn’t helpful, but if you want something that you are sure of would be the first result then it is a pro thing to do. If you have to watch the video song Hello by Adele, then you just have to type ‘hello’ and click on the button and you would be redirected to the YouTube page. If you search for Facebook using that button, then the homepage of Facebook would open directly and so on. Do give it a try the next time you open Google and tell us your experience in the comments section below.

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