Duplicate contacts? Merge, or remove all of it at once

This happens all of a sudden, we see a ton of duplicate contacts on our phone, and it really gets inconvenient for us to use the contacts after that. We search for the contact, and see numerous results coming up to confuse us, and deleting each duplicate contact is not at all feasible. You can do it but it will really eat your head as it takes a lot of time. We do not understand what is the current contact number of a particular person and do not have any option but to check out all of the duplicate accounts of the different numbers.

While there are phones that give the option of merging the contacts but many of the phones do not have that option. So, we are going to tell you the way it can be used in any of the android phones and that will clear out all of your confusion. For this process, you can use the google contacts application which comes as default in some of the phones, or you can install it from the play store. You can also do the same from a web browser by going to the URL https://contacts.google.com/. There on the app, or the website you can see a duplicates option, you have to click on it.

When clicked, it will bring up the duplicate contacts that are there in your account (your Google account should be logged in). Then you can click on merge for each of the duplicate contacts, or you can select merge all for all of the duplicate accounts to get merged at once. The steps are really easy, and it will take a second for you to merge all of the contacts. Google did understand that the users are facing this trouble when they are changing the phone, or with some irregularity in synchronization. This is the easiest way to get out of the mess, and have a clean and convenient contact book.

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