Do have a LAN connection, but no Wi-Fi router? Here is what you can do to get wireless connectivity

We are not advanced enough to put the LAN cable to the smartphone yet, and that is why if someone has a LAN connection then they cannot connect it to their smartphones. While we can obviously get the Wi-Fi Router, and then do the setup to use the internet in any of the devices. But when you have not much use of it, as most of your work is on your laptop then there is no point in keeping the Wi-Fi connection. If you have a fixed place of work, and you do not use many a device then the LAN connection is proper for you.

For some basic connection to the smartphone, you can use software that will create a Wi-Fi Hotspot and give a connection to the different devices like a regular wireless connection. The name of the software is Connectify Hotspot which comes with the tagline “Turn your PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot and share the Internet with all your devices”. There is the free version of the application with some limitations, then there are three more versions that you can download to enjoy more features. Hotspot MAX, 3x Hotspot MAX Lifetime + 6 Free Months of Speedify VPN!, and Hotspot PRO are three variants of the software available at Rs. 3100, Rs. 3700, and Rs. 2150 respectively.

You can give a name to the Hotspot, and also set a password for it so that no one else can access it. So, this makes things easy for you as you do not need to buy a router for this simple task. The connection would not be that strong but if you keep the device near to the PC or laptop then you can use it without any trouble. You should definitely give the free version of Connectify a try, and then decide whether you need the premium version or not.

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