If you are charging your laptop this way, then you might lose the ‘motherboard’ anytime

You might be too careless while charging your laptop, and that can end up killing it. Yes, we are not kidding as if you are not charging the laptop in the right way then it can burn out your charger as well as the motherboard. If you don’t know what a motherboard is, then the simplest way to understand it is by knowing that is the brain of the laptop. The laptop cannot even turn on without the brain of it, and that is why it is the most expensive part of the system. The whole performance of the computer depends upon the motherboard, and you cannot afford to lose it by being careless.

Even if you get the motherboard replaced after paying some heavy amount, you cannot be sure of the number of days it will work after that. Now you must be eager to know the proper way of charging your laptop after knowing the importance of it. Normally, what you do is plug the charger into the laptop anyhow and then start using the laptop. You need to know that you have to connect the charger to the laptop’ before ‘plugging the charger into the socket’ and giving it the power. If you are plugging the charger directly into the laptop from the power supply, then you might burn your charger or the motherboard of the laptop.

So, the next time you charge the laptop do keep this in your mind. Being lazy, or reckless about it can end the days of your computer without you knowing the reason for it. Other things that you should consider is that you should never replace the original charger of the laptop with some cheap power supply as that can do the same destruction to the chip-set, never move the laptop in hibernation or sleep mode, and if you keep the charger plugged in while using the laptop then take out the battery after it is sufficiently charged and then use the laptop.

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